What setup is required?

Zero setup is required, just start Sherlock and then launch your app from Xcode or the simulator’s home screen, and Sherlock will automatically connect to it.

Which simulators are supported?

Sherlock supports both iPhone and iPad simulators running iOS 10.3 and later.

Can I use Sherlock on a real device?

No - Sherlock integrates deeply with the simulator to do things that just wouldn’t be possible on an actual device.

What is this error about the command line tools?

Sherlock requires Xcode command line tools be configured on your machine. The command line tools come bundled with Xcode.app, and you can ensure that your system is pointed at the version included with the Xcode.app you’re using with the xcode-select command, or from the Locations tab in Xcode’s preferences.

Sherlock isn't connecting to my apps, how can I fix it?

Follow this guide to diagnose and fix the problem.


How can I set a custom keyboard shortcut for the Inspector/Resizable Screen?

You can record custom keyboard shortcuts from Sherlock’s preferences.

How can I add custom inspectable properties?

You can define properties in your own views and expose them to Sherlock by marking them as @objc or @IBInspectable. We currently support Int, CGFloat, Bool, String, CGRect, CGSize and UIColor.

@objc var isAnimating = false

Resizable Screen

Why is my screen not laid out correctly?

Sherlock uses various techniques to generate as accurate a representation as possible of your Auto Layout driven views on the target device, but in some cases there may be some minor differences from the real thing. For best results, use the Resizable Screen feature with iOS 12.

If your view’s don’t use Auto Layout you can subscribe to SherlockScreenWillResizeNotification to be notified before we simulate the new screen size to make any adjustments.


Which license should I choose?

Both license types are suitable for commercial usage. A personal license is registered to and bought by an individual. If you’re buying on behalf of a company, you must buy a commercial license.

How long is a license valid for?

A Sherlock license is valid for one year from the time of purchase. During this period you are eligible to receive all updates.

Why is Sherlock a yearly subscription?

A yearly subscription supports the team in developing new features and keeping pace with Apple ecosystem changes. Sherlock requires major updates to maintain compatibility with the latest versions of Xcode and iOS. Along with continual updates and enhancements, we think this provides great value in a sustainable way.

How many machines can I use my license on?

You can activate and use Sherlock on two machines simultaneously. This is so you’re able to use it on both a personal machine, and a work one too, if you’d like. If you’re planning to change machines, deactivating a license allows you to use it on a different one. You can deactivate your license on a machine from Sherlock’s preferences, or you can contact us if you are unable to access a machine to deactivate Sherlock on it.

Why haven’t I received my trial Activation Number?

Please allow a couple of minutes for your Activation Number to arrive. If you don’t receive your Activation Number, check your spam folders for an email from hello@inspiredcode.io. If you can’t find it, contact us and we’ll send you your Activation Number.

I’ve lost my Activation Number, can you help me?

Just send us an email and we’ll be able to respond with a reminder of your Activation Number(s).

I have an older license, can I use Sherlock 2.0?

If your older license was purchased within 12 months prior to January 17th, 2023, you should still be able to use it with Sherlock 2.0, for the remaining duration. After this point, you’ll need to upgrade to a Sherlock 2.0 license.
Even if your older license has expired already, it will remain forever valid with Sherlock 1.15.0, in case you don’t wish to upgrade yet. You can download Sherlock 1.15.0 here.