Edit constraints and properties in real-time.No need to rebuild.

Save time by testing out design changes, tweaking layouts and more without having to rebuild your app.

Jump to File. Spend less time finding the right class.

No need to hop between the Simulator and Xcode to find the source code for a view. Simply select the view and click Jump to File.

Explore.Investigate how your app works.

Get to grips with unfamiliar or complicated code. Just hover over a view to see its class.

Resizable Screen See what your app looks like on different devices. Instantly.

Sherlocks uses Auto Layout to predict how your app will be rendered with different screen sizes and safe areas, so you can see what your app will look like instantly, without having to rerun your app on each device.

Try out the Sherlock Beta.

Download a free beta version of Sherlock before we launch.

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